Let our surveyor helps you decide whether your sofa needs to reupholster.

Home Visit
how to request a home visit
Contact our friendly staff through Whatsapp/Email or simply fill in a form with your name, detailed address & the picture of sofa that would like to be surveyed. Our staff will contact you shortly to confirm a schedule to send you a surveyor.
What to expect
By requesting our home visit service, our surveyor will bring you fabric swatches & help you measure the sofa and check whether your sofa is still in good condition or in need of any repairment.
Our surveyor will be arrived before lunch hour
(9 to 11.30 AM) or after (2 to 5 PM).
Monday to Saturday.
get started
Please Note:
*An estimate will be sent in written through whatsapp or email sales representative service staff once we have received the survey reports.