Learn how to properly measure
a sofa for reupholstering

How To Measure Your Sofa

When you measure a sofa, don’t just stop at the length or the width because that will not give you the full picture and the measurements can be incorrect. Here is how to measure properly:

Width (Side to Side)

The distance or length of
the item that’s touching or
stretches across the wall.

Depth (Back to Front)

The distance or length it
helloo comes out from the
wall and into the room.

Height (Bottom to Top)

The length starting from
the floor and going to the
top of the piece.

How To Measure Sectional

An L Shaped sectional consisted of 2 unit sofa. Please record the measurement of each sofa by following this guide to help you ensure the measurements are correct.

Our Standard Size Sofa

One Seater
50 – 109 cm
Two Seater
110 – 165 cm
Three Seater
170 – 230 cm
Four Seater
231 – 245 cm