We don't just reupholster your furniture, we also create custom slipcover & sofa, foam replacement & stylish home decor.

Express Service
An upholstery replacement on-site service dedicated for minimalist shape sofa, custom-made slipcover & foam replacement in three different time based package.
6 Hours
A project that will be finished within 6 hours
1 Full Day
A project that will be finished in 1 day, started from 10am to 5pm.
2 Full Day
A project that will be finished in 2 day, started from 10am to 5pm.
Regular Service
An upholstery replacement service dedicated for bulky shape couches remodelling and repairment service that will pick up and deliver to your door.
Foam Replacement
We replace & repair sofa, chair cushions, pillows & foam. Each cushions is custom ordered to fit your exact specifications, including firmness, foam quality, shape & dimensions.
Seat Cushion Replacement
We have a wide selection of high quality foam cuts that fit to your needs. Custom cut is also available for unusual shape or any specific requirement.
Back Pillow Restuffing
We don’t just fix loose stuffing, we fluff it up and wrap it up with a high quality dacron material to make it last longer.
Custom-made Throw Pillows
Pillow are the easiest way to personalize your space. We offer custom throw pillows and cushion fabrication, with options that are both stylish and affordable.
Custom Made Slipcover
At HelloIlmare, we offer you a 3 different type of slipcover which is custom-fit, loose, and skirted-type.
Skirted Slipcover
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Fitted Slipcover
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Loose Slipcover
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Our custom-made slipcover type contains:
Dining Chair
Minimalist Sofa
Sectional Sofa
Cover Cushion

Why do you trust Helloilmare to your slipcover?

As it only takes a few days
to transform your sofa into
a new one.
On Site Work
Save money in pick-up and
delivery as the repair will
be done professionaly at
the comfort of your home.
30 Days Warranty
Custom Sofa
How It Works
1. Consult and choose your sofa shape, fabric, leg finishings and dimensions with our upholstery designer.
2. Measure the space where the sofa will go.
3. Your custom piece will ship in just three weeks.
The Helloilmare Differences
0% Installment
Easy monthly payment over
3, 6, 12 months
*minimum order IDR 1,500,000
Quality, Controlled
When it comes to making your
furniture, we hold ourselves to
the highest standards.
365 days-Returned

Customer Own Material

How it Works
To use our COM service, inform our friendly staff to select which fabric and color that you want to use on your sofa through email or WhatsApp. We will help you to decide how much you will need and what will suit your needs. Please note that COM items cannot go through online purchasing/can not be purchased online and warranty isn't included.

To ensure the quality of the finished products, please follow the guidelines below:

  • All fabric must be at a continuous meter; we don't accept multiple pieces.
  • Please take a photo of the fabric so that we could similarize the thread and the additional materials we will bring.
  • Due to the fabric thickness, we can not use leather, vinyl, quilted fabric, or bed sheets for COM. Any stripes will be arranged horizontally unless you request it vertically.
  • If you have tufted furniture, please send the fabric to our home studio for at least 3 days before the project begins.
  • Any changes are not allowed after we send the invoice. If your fabric features a central design, we will make every effort to center it on your item.
  • Before sending your fabric to us, do check the flaws first.
  • If you are sending material for a slipcover that you intend to wash with a washing machine, please pre-wash the material.
  • We recommend you to discuss this with the person from where you buy your fabric from, as the meter you purchase would be taken into account.
  • Because bad fabric will delay your order and excess fabric cannot be returned, so please measure carefully.
COM service is eligible for a minimum three seater or 5 unit chairs, otherwise there will be an additional charge
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